Bodycontouring in Marbella

For many years the athletic body shaping, butt lifting (BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift) and the breast enlargement are no taboo subject in America and the Latin American countries anymore. Also in Europe and Germany these treatments are increasingly more often conducted. Dr Narwan is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the field of Body Contouring Germany-wide. Dr Narwan was meeting with world-leading colleagues in Marbella to a collective exchange and life treatments with the newest secure surgery methods. They included butt lifting, breast enlargement and six-pack shaping. Great attention was also paid to the security of these surgical procedures. At these photos you can see Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Columbia (top left), Dr Danial Del Vecchio from the USA (top right) and Dr Alexander Aslani from Marbella (bottom left) each with Dr Narwan.

Further information you can find at: body shaping at Difine in Essen