Body contouring with VASER Lipo Hi Def® – the innovative, gentle fat reduction

Information on body contouring liposuction

Type of surgeryInpatient
Duration of surgeryApproximately 4 hours
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
DressingSpecial corset for 6 days
Clinic visit typeInpatient stay for 1-2 nights
Patient aftercareFor fat transfer, avoid compressing your breasts/chest and buttocks for 4–6 weeks
Bed restNo
Recovery timeabout 1-2 weeks
Physical recoveryAfter about 4 weeks
Aftercare from surgeonSuture removal not necessary,
Thrombosis prevention for about 7 days
Return to workAfter 1-2 weeks
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Show off your muscles with ultrasound body contouring

Perhaps you’ve already been considering the idea of contouring your body through fat reduction (liposuction) for a while now? Then perhaps you already know that VASER Lipo Hi Def® is an innovative technique for precision body contouring that has revolutionised traditional liposuction? Earlier methods left patients with bruises and swelling that remained for quite some time. The VASER Lipo method reduces this risk considerably.

At Difine in Essen, Dr Narwan is one of the few doctors in Germany to offer the VASER Lipo Hi Def® method, an innovative contouring technique that removes fat deposits around muscle groups in a targeted, precise way. Liposuction can reveal the muscles of that long-desired six-pack, pectorals, buttocks, stomach, arms or legs, resulting in visibly more even contours and a more athletic form.

You can look forward to the amazing feeling of investing in something truly meaningful: Your body and your personal well-being.

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What to expect from VASER Lipo Body Contouring

In a VASER Lipo Hi Def® body contouring treatment, your undesired body fat is removed selectively and gently using ultrasound technology and especially delicate probes. The only incisions to the skin are small (about 0.5 cm); they are necessary in order to extract the fat with the hollow suction needles. The resulting small, delicate scars are usually barely visible. The VASER Lipo Hi Def® method is particularly gentle on important tissue such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen. What’s more, the extracted fat can be added to other locations (lipofilling) to emphasise muscles and curves and achieve a natural-looking result.

VASER Lipo Hi Def® body contouring ® is right for you if you:

cannot get right of fat in certain areas of your body despite exercise and diet

are unhappy with your figure

suffer from lipoedema

are looking for a gentle method of reducing fat

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For an attractive, defined body:

VASER Lipo Hi Def® for women

Women’s bodies naturally tend to accumulate fat ‘cushions’ due to their weaker connective tissue. But are you a woman who feels less comfortable in your body due to increasing age and the accumulation of fat and sagging skin that comes along with it? Some women wish they had a flatter stomach, while others would prefer slimmer thighs. Yet others want a more toned bum or upper arms.

No matter where your own personal ‘problem areas’ are located – with VASER Lipo Hi Def®, our specialist can remove your troublesome fat deposits, sculpt your body and tone your skin – for a figure that is much closer to your personal ideal.

Aesthetic treatments for men

For an athletic, defined body:

VASER Lipo Hi Def® for men

The VASER Lipo Hi Def® treatment removes fat deposits from wherever men want them least! Perhaps you’re someone who has ‘problem areas’ like a double chin, additional fat on your hips or stubborn belly fat that hides your six-pack?
Or perhaps gynaecomastia – enlarged mammary glands, usually caused by hormones – is negatively impacting your self-confidence? No matter what your personal wishes may be, the VASER Lipo Hi Def® treatment can remove fat deposits around muscles groups (such as the stomach, chest, or sensitive areas like the chin) in a targeted, precise, gentle way.

Do you have any questions about body sculpting with VASER Lipo Hi Def®?

Can several areas be treated at the same time?

Because the VASER Hi Def® method is for body contouring, several areas can be treated at the same time.

Can the extracted fat be reused?

Yes, if you are having a fat transfer procedure, the extracted fat can be injected into other areas for sculpting purposes.

Is the result permanent, or will I need to have a second operation at some point in the future?

If your weight does not fluctuate in a major way and you do not change your lifestyle, then the result will be permanent.

What are the optimum conditions for body contouring?

You should not be overweight, should be mindful of your eating habits and should not suffer from major weight fluctuations.

How should I change my behaviour following the operation?

Don’t change your healthy lifestyle and try to avoid weight fluctuations.

Does the six-pack feel real?

Yes, because it simply brings out your own muscles.

When will I be able to exercise again afterwards?

About 4–6 weeks after the operation.

Can I move my body normally following the operation?

Yes, you may. You should avoid physical labour/strain during the first 2–3 weeks.

Dr. Narwan – Facharzt für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie

The gentle VASER Hi Def method extracts your fat in a targeted manner, which lets us show off the muscles of your six-pack, chest, stomach or upper arms.

Dr Narwan