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Short summary of VASER Lipo

Duration of surgeryAt least 1 hour, depending on the region and extent
AnaesthesiaLocal or general anaesthesia
Clinic visit typeOutpatient or 1 day
AftercareCompression vest for 6 weeks
Suture removalNot necessary
Return to daily lifeabout 2 days after the operation

SIX-PACK PROCEDURE at Difine in Essen

If you wish you had a six-pack, yet are unable to attain washboard abs despite exercise and health eating, then you’ve come to the right place at Difine. Our specialists are plastic and cosmetic surgeons with particular expertise in procedures for men and have already performed many six-pack surgeries.

There are many different ways of performing this procedure, such as VASER Lipo body contouring, body sculpting, VASER 4D, VASER HiDef, High Definition body sculpting, six-pack sculpting, etc.

However, all of these terms refer to the same thing: selective fat extraction from between the muscles using the VASER technique and subsequent athletic body sculpting.

The advantages of getting a SIX-PACK PROCEDURE from Dr Narwan  in Essen

They are specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery

They specialise in VASER liposuction for men and women

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in plastic surgery

They have performed well over 200 VASER liposuctions on men and women

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Vaser Lipo device

Washboard abs – In just a few hours

Who hasn’t had this problem? You watch what you eat and exercise regularly, yet can’t seem to obtain those washboard abs. In order to get a six-pack, you need to eat correctly at all times and exercise intensively.

Not everyone is capable of following these rules all the time while juggling their job and family – and not everyone was born with the ideal genes for an athletic body.

However, if you work out regularly, generally eat healthily and would like to have a natural six-pack, then you’ve come to the right place at Difine. Using the VASER lipo method, Dr Narwan will sculpt your body in just a few hours and show off your six-pack muscles.

The anatomy of a six-pack or washboard abs

The frontal torso musculature consists of the vertical (musculus rectus abdominis) and oblique (musculus obliquus abdominis) abdominal muscles. The vertical muscles originate in the costal cartilage at the ends of the ribs and sternum and end at the pelvis. Between the two vertical abdominal muscles, there is compact connective tissue known as the linea alba. The vertical abdominal muscles are divided into smaller ‘packets’ of muscles on each side by the tendinous intersections (intersectiones tendineae). This is what ultimately defines the six-pack or washboard abs. The purpose of the six-pack is to help the torso bend. This can best be trained through abdominal crunches. For athletic torso contouring, the oblique abdominal muscles also play a very important role and are also sculpted by our specialists using VASER body contouring.

The anatomy of a six-pack or washboard abs

Difine Essen

Which surgical method is best for achieving a six-pack or washboard abs

If the patient wishes to gain a six-pack, then traditional abdominal liposuction isn’t enough. For six-pack sculpting, it is absolutely necessary to selectively extract the fat from between the muscle packs. In this form, this process is only possible using the VASER method. VASER Lipo is an ultrasound-based liposuction technique. Depending on in which direction Dr Narwan turns the VASER hollow needle, he can determine exactly where the fat is to be extracted and where it is to be left. This allows him to selectively extract fat from between the individual muscles packs and bring out the existing musculature in a natural way. Because the fat is extracted in a very gentle manner, it can be re-injected into individual muscle packs to add more volume.

How a six-pack procedure works

Before the operation, our specialists draw your existing musculature on the surface of your body. This precisely records your vertical and oblique abdominal muscles and their borders, as well as the ligaments crossing them, and projects them onto the surface. If other areas are also to be defined, such as the breast or shoulder muscles, then these areas are likewise drawn onto the surface of the body. The operation is usually carried out with the patient under general anaesthesia. First, a ‘tumescence solution’ is injected into the areas to be liposuctioned (Figure 1). This loosens the fat cells, anaesthetises the area and constricts the blood vessels. After allowing the solution to take effect, Dr Narwan use a variety of VASER hollow needles to selectively loosen the fat cells from their connective tissue between the individual muscle sections (Figure 2). VASER emits ultrasound at a specific frequency that only affects the fat cells and not the surrounding structures such as blood vessels, nerves and ligaments.

How a six-pack procedure works - Figure 1

Figure 1

How a six-pack procedure works - Figure 2

Figure 2

This leaves surrounding structures unaffected; only the fat is selectively loosened. For this reason, the risks and regeneration time of the VASER Lipo method are significantly lower than other liposuction methods. The loosened fat cells are then extracted using other special hollow needles for liposuction (Figure 3). During the process, our specialists gradually reveal the muscles, and the skin lies flat against the musculature below (Figure 4). After the liposuction is complete, the extracted fat is cleaned and prepared. In some cases, our specialists will inject these fat cells into other regions of the body and muscle sections to increase volume (lipofilling). For women, this usually means the breasts or buttocks. For men, the fat can be injected into the stomach, chest or shoulder muscles. After the surgery, you will need to receive compression treatment for 4–6 weeks. During this time, you should avoid strenuous physical labour. During the healing phase, you will need to receive lymph drainage or massages. After 6 weeks, you can resume your usual athletic activities. For long-lasting results, you should not make any major changes to your lifestyle.

How a six-pack procedure works – Figure 3

Figure 3

How a six-pack procedure works – Figure 4

Figure 4

Questions & answers on the six-pack procedure

What is important to keep in mind before and after getting a six-pack procedure?

The perfect candidate for a VASER Lipo operation is not overweight, watches what they eat and exercises regularly. Before the surgery, you need to have reached your goal weight and have kept it at a constant level for several months. After the six-pack procedure, it is very important for the healing process to receive compression treatment and lymph drainage. You should not make any major changes to your lifestyle subsequent to the operation. A lack of exercise or major weight fluctuations can affect the long-term result.

Should I train my abdominal muscles before the six-pack procedure?

Dr Narwan and Dr Monschizada will help your six-pack look its best. And the better in shape your abdominal muscles are, the better the results. If your muscles have too little mass, then our specialists can re-inject the extracted fat into individual muscle sections to increase volume.

How exactly does VASER Lipo work?

First, a ‘tumescence solution’ is injected into the area to be liposuctioned. This loosens the fat cells, anaesthetises the area and constricts the blood vessels. After allowing the solution to take effect, Dr Narwan and Dr Monschizada use precisely designed VASER hollow needles to selectively loosen the fat cells from between the muscle sections. VASER allows them to selectively loosen the fat cells while leaving the surrounding structures such as blood vessels and nerves unaffected to a large extent. This is why the VASER liposuction method is so gentle in comparison to others. It stimulates regeneration. The loosened fat cells are then extracted in the next step of the process and the muscles underneath are gradually revealed.

Why is it impossible for some men to attain a six-pack?

There are many factors that need to be just right for a person to develop a six-pack. In terms of external factors, you need to eat correctly at all times and exercise intensively. As for intrinsic factors, you need to have the right genes and fat distribution on your body. Advancing age and a changing metabolism make the situation even more difficult. The only way to get a six-pack is for all of these factors to be perfect. That’s only true for a small minority of men.

I have washboard abs, but they’re lopsided – is it possible to fix this using my own fat?

Washboard abs are never completely symmetrical. Dr Narwan and Dr Monschizada adjust VASER Lipo body contouring to your pre-existing anatomy to reveal your musculature. Perfectly symmetrical squares on an abdomen would look totally unnatural. Our specialists are experts in anatomy and can bring out your existing musculature. So if you want a real six-pack and not a ‘bar of chocolate’ on your stomach, then you’ve come to the right place with Dr Narwan and Dr Monschizada. If you have an extreme case of asymmetry, our specialists can balance this out with lipofilling.

Why can the patient’s own fat optimise the result of a six-pack procedure?

If the existing muscle packs in your stomach, chest or shoulders lack volume, then Dr Narwan and Dr Monschizada can add more volume to these areas using injections of your own fat (lipofilling). In contrast to other liposuction methods, VASER liposuction is a very gentle way of extracting fat cells. These fat cells are extremely vital, which is crucial for their survival once injected into the muscle areas. Because the fat is re-injected into the musculature, the latter actually gains volume without looking ‘pasted on’.

How much does a VASER liposuction cost?

It is not possible to state a flat-rate cost for medical/cosmetic procedures, as these depend on different variables, such as the areas to be extracted, materials costs, clinic expenditures, costs of anaesthesia, costs of compression undergarments, etc. The precise costs can only be stated in a personal consultation combined with an examination. Our specialists will advise you in a comprehensive, non-binding consultation.

Dr. Narwan – Facharzt für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie

Make a non-binding appointment with our specialists in the DIFINE Clinic in Essen – in a personal consultation, you will find out everything there is to know about the advantages and risks of a six-pack procedure.