Are you no longer willing to resign yourself to wrinkles, ageing skin, prominent ears or sagging eyelids? We’ll show you the many paths to a visibly younger face.
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Would you like breasts that complement your proportions and emphasise your femininity in the most natural way possible? We’ll help you achieve your goal.



You share society’s high beauty standards and would like to get your body into better shape. There’s a shortcut you can take!



Are you a modern man who’s open to cosmetic treatments? Glad to hear it. We’ll show you which methods and products you can use to increase your attractiveness.

Plastic surgery in Essen – Welcome to Difine

Anyone who explores the world of plastic surgery will soon discover that, when choosing a surgeon they can trust, there are many more factors at play than just the cost and treatment options. Above all, the most important one is that you have a positive gut feeling that you are making the right choice.

As soon as you visit Dr Narwan’s private practice in Essen for plastic and aesthetic surgery, it will spark that feeling of being in exactly the right place – we offer state-of-the-art methods, both surgical and non-surgical, for facial and body cosmetic improvement. Our range of treatment options covers everything from breast augmentation and wrinkle filler injections to ear pinning and eyelid lifts.

You are very welcome to visit our Difine clinic for a confidential in-person consultation in a luxurious setting. Contact us if you’re interested in aesthetic surgery in Essen. You can look forward to a highly individualised treatment plan that will give you a new sense of self-confidence in your body and a significant increase in wellbeing.

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Dr. Narwan – Facharzt für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie

I am a renowned, highly responsible specialist who stands behind the Difine brand and, thanks to my specialisation, can offer you the highest-quality treatment.

Dr M. Narwan

Difine Essen

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Difine Essen

The advantages of aesthetic surgery at Difine:

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Comprehensive, in-depth training in aesthetic surgery

Specialising in body contouring (six-pack shaping, liposuction), breast augmentation/reduction, lifts of all kinds and anywhere on the body, and minimally invasive facial treatments (fillers, muscle relaxers, EarFold , vampire fillers using autologous blood)

Treatment at the highest possible standard of quality

Dr Narwan attend specialist conferences and give talks on a regular basis

Our doctor is in frequent contact with colleagues around the world

Dr Narwan is one of the few German plastic surgeons to be member of the renowned American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Our main focus in the plastic surgery in Essen

High-definition body contouring

Breast augmentation/reduction

Lifts of all kinds and anywhere on the body

Minimally invasive facial treatments


Difine Essen

Aesthetic surgery in Essen at fair prices

Each and every patient is unique because of their pre-existing anatomical characteristics and their individual desires. That’s why Dr Narwan adjusts every treatment and surgical method to those characteristics accordingly, and always use materials of the highest quality. It is also why we cannot state flat-rate prices for our treatments.

The precise costs are calculated in a personal consultation following a physical examination. They are based on the regulations in the latest edition of the German medical fee schedule (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte – GOÄ).

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Difine Essen

Member of international societies

Plastic surgery
Aesthetic surgery
wrinkle treatment
Breast enlargement
Difine Essen


Cosmetic surgery in Essen

High-definition body sculpting

Keeping your body in shape – with results you can see!

Dr Narwan is one of the few doctors in Germany to specialise in VASER High Definition Body Sculpting (also known as VASER Lipo Body Contouring). With this method, body areas are analysed with precision and moulded into an aesthetically pleasing, athletic form with the help of gentle, targeted liposuction via ultrasound. It helps reveal musculature that had previously been buried.

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Aesthetic treatments for men

Cosmetic treatments for men

A smart man invests in himself

A six-pack, defined pectorals and toned arms – more and more men are beginning to pay attention to their appearance (what a relief!). If you haven’t been able to achieve a six-pack despite daily exercise and an optimum diet, simply let Dr Narwan remove stubborn fat deposits with the innovative VASER Lipo Hi Def® method and bring out the muscles underneath defining them for an aesthetically pleasing, athletic appearance. And that’s not all – we have many other treatments designed for men.

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