Dr Narwan Ear Fold RTL

EarFold method at RTL

Dr med Narwan is presenting the Earfold method at RTL. Before the treatment the result is simulated with a so-called PreFold. This means that the patient already can see the result before the surgery. Dr Narwan was doing the simulation for a man who was suffering under his protruding ears since his youth. As the conventional method is linked to a longer downtime and a head bandage over a few week the patient decided against an ear correction. It was his wife who has drawn his attention to the Earfold method by Dr Narwan. The simulation is getting both ears in a natural beautiful shape. The asymmetry is corrected. The patient is very content with the simulation so that the treatment can be planned. Another patient is introducing herself for an correction after the Earfold surgery. She is very happy with the result. As planned before the ear is corrected and the small wound did heal very well. The patient is not complaining about any difficulties. Since the surgery she is wearing her hair up more often. Furthermore she does not know any problems like not wanting to be frontally photographed, wearing a helmet or a pinned-up hairstyle anymore.

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