Earfold in 20 minutes

Dr Narwan implemented an Earfold ear correction for an article of the BILD magazine entitled ‘Ear correction within only 20 minutes’. The patient was suffering from her protruding ears since her childhood. Due to the risks and the long downtime after a common otoplasty the patient always was rejecting surgery. The Earfold method, on the contrary, offers a lot of advantages, e.g. a simulation before the treatment, no general anaesthesia and no head bandage for a few weeks. For this patient only one clip was enough to correct the left ear. In front of a running camera Dr Narwan was correcting the ear in a very short time with local anaesthesia. At the end of the operation the patient said: ‘Every visit to the dentist is worse than this. Finally I can get a short hairstyle.’
You can find more information on the Earfold method by Dr Narwan via the following link: Earfold by Dr Narwan