Dr Narwan at the IMACS 2019 - Difine Essen

Dr Narwan at the IMACS 2019

Dr Narwan has been to the IMACS 2019 in Paris. Surgeons and experts of the field from over the whole world were meeting there to exchange their knowledge. Currently the IMACS does count to the worlds biggest events for aesthetic medicine. Dr Narwan was especially focused on cosmetic topics, such as facial rejuvenation and shaping with Juvederm hyaluronic fillers and botox as well as athletic body contouring and breast augmentation with implants. Dr Narwan ist bringing these new insights back to Essen for his patients.

At the photo you can see Dr Narwan with his respected colleague Dr Alfredo Hoyos. Dr. Hoyos is the global initiator of the VASER HiDef Body Contouring. By working together we will expand our clinic to a centrum of training for european surgeons of the field of athletic six-pack body shaping.